Monday, March 2, 2009

Annoying to the Nth Degree

The person in the next cube is (1) cracking her gum, or (2) popping bubbles in bubble wrap. My vote (knowing the person) is (1) cracking her gum. Do I have permission to smack her? Why do people think this gum-cracking activity is okay? Do they not know others can hear them? Is it just me?

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Jan Scholl said...

my hubby sucks his teeth and it drives me nuts. I have purchased floss, tucked tooth paste and brush in my purse for him. Gum. anything to stop him sucking his teeth. He tells me its the food he saves for later. Even worse is when he picks at his teeth with a toothpick and then sucks the teeth. there is nothing wrong with his teeth-he just sucks them. GRRRRR>