Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pop Quiz

Today's commute home was a real killer, so here is a pop quiz based on the first few miles of my mis-adventure. Let's see how you do!

1. True or False. You are driving in a lane that is an on-ramp (merge lane) to a very busy expressway. You should immediately brake, make sure to come to a complete stop, look over your shoulder, and wait for someone to let you in (across the solid white line, since you are not even in the straight-away part of the lane, yet).

2. True or False. You are several cars behind the driver in #1. You should peel out of line, drive on the shoulder past all the other cars in front of you, cut back over into the merge lane and begin your merge process.

3. True or False. You are driving in the right lane on the expressway, and to your right is a merge lane (on-ramp). A vehicle turns on their left directional (that blinkie thing) to indicate they plan to move over into the space in your lane directly in front of you. In response to this signal, you should immediately speed up to close the gap and cut off the merging driver.

4. True or False. After cutting off the merging driver, you should immediately speed up some more so you can, without a directional (there's that blinkie thing again) to indicate your intentions, quickly swerve from the driving lane into the merge lane so you not only scare the bajeezus out of the other driver, but also so you can speed to the end of the lane, then cut off some other drivers so you are now 3 cars ahead of where you started.

5. True or False. This was a rare occurance in my daily commute experience.

6. True or False. The situation got better when I tried to merge the remaining 3 lanes to the left I need to merge (yes, every day).

If you answered True to any one of these questions (especially #s 5 or 6), please do me a favor and stay out of the DC area for, oh, the next 15 years or so, okay? I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I have to tell you I found your blog at the end of last year when I was having a particularly heated discussion with someone about "Bad Idaho Drivers and Roundabouts" (I am not an Idaho native).

I found your blog and laughed my head off because I think we could be twins. Your post today proves it yet again.

I do have to say that I had the opportunity to spend 10 days in the DC and Virginia areas last year and those are some of the most freakin' challenged drivers ever!! Holy Crap you have alot of material every day I am sure!! We encountered people going slow in the fast lane (passing lane) and fast in the slow lane? Then you know that scene from "My Best Friends Wedding" where she is in the fast lane but sees her exit and almost causes an accident swerving across 5 lanes to get to it? We saw that daily in the DC/Virg. area and felt blessed to be alive when we got off the freeway.

Anyway - Love you blog and I have kept checking back and glad to see a few new posts!!