Monday, August 25, 2008

Notta Lotta B1tchin' Goin' On

It's been a quiet few weeks or months at most B1tchin' Blogs, mine included. Whazzup with that? Personally, I rant almost every day on the way home (stupid drivers!), but by the time I get home and see all my stampin' stuff, I start playing and then I am over it. I suppose that's a lot healthier, and maybe we are all just getting over the stupidity surrounding us in our daily lives.

However, as I was catching up my Maxine day-by-day calendar at work last week (it was waaaay behind), I saved a few pages that either made me laugh out loud because they were true, or that so perfectly summed up what I would rant about, they needed nothing added.

So without further ado, here are my rants du jour, a la Maxine:

That last one is for my Beloved Reader #2, and you know who you are! ;-) Oh, wait, am I allowed to have a smiley face on a b1tchin' blog?