Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Customer (DIS)Service

If I talk to one more Customer Service desk in INDIA I think I might scream! They read from scripts, they do not listen to your original question, they ask you what you just told them, then they send you a follow-up email repeating what they just told you when you told them it did not address your question.

Amazon.com just lost me as a customer. And based on how much money I have spent at Amazon over these many years, that will be a big loss to them, though unfortunately they will not feel it at all. Too bad, too.

I honestly wish there were some way for us to make a statement any more. At least in my own mind, I am making a point, and I will spend my money elsewhere.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Shopping for mustard seeds this week, I found the following:

1 7-ounce bag of mustard seeds at the local Asian/Indian market: $1.50
1 2.5-ounce jar of mustard seeds at the local chain grocery store: $4.29

What's wrong with this picture?

The Indian market was out of yellow mustard seeds (he said not enough Indian cooks buy them to always have them in stock), but he'll be getting some next week (apparently for us/we silly Americans.)

What in tarnation do we DO to those mustard seeds to make them so friggin' expensive!?!?! Do you think the mustard seed bottlers are union? Do you think they get more vacation and better benefits than most of us? I really have no idea, but for me, I think I'll support my local Asian market.