Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Customer (DIS)Service

If I talk to one more Customer Service desk in INDIA I think I might scream! They read from scripts, they do not listen to your original question, they ask you what you just told them, then they send you a follow-up email repeating what they just told you when you told them it did not address your question.

Amazon.com just lost me as a customer. And based on how much money I have spent at Amazon over these many years, that will be a big loss to them, though unfortunately they will not feel it at all. Too bad, too.

I honestly wish there were some way for us to make a statement any more. At least in my own mind, I am making a point, and I will spend my money elsewhere.


Britiney said...

I just read an article in the paper last week about a company (I think it was Dell) that was allowing customers to purchase a "domestic call center" package which would guarantee that they would always reach someone in the US when they call for customer service. It's terrible that you have to pay extra for that, but it's nice to know companies are hearing that their customers are unhappy!! The company my husband works for has moved ALL of their IT support to India, so now no one can even get help with their PC from someone who is a native English speaker. He was telling me last week that people have started to call HIM for help, which is totally not his job.

Lydia said...

My fam was just talking about this at Christmas. There's this exaggerated politeness too that is maddening. So it's like this:

You: "I'm going to get on a plane, fly to Bombay and stab you in the eye with my motherboard."
Him: Thank you very much for your business Mrs. Hanna we appreciate your business very much and thank you for choosing at&t for you wireless carrier now can you please tell me do you have electrical power to your house please Mrs. hanna?