Wednesday, April 8, 2009

See? It's Not Just Me...

I came home this evening to a phone message from Beloved Reader #2, and she gave me permission to share it here. Seems she got rear-ended (just a tap), they both got out of their vehicles to check for damage, and here is the ensuing conversation:

Other Woman: Why did you stop?
BR#2: It was a red light.
OW: But it's right turn on red.
BR#2: Only after a stop.
OW: But there was no one coming.
BR#2: But I didn't know that until after I'd stopped.
OW: {pregnant silence}
BR#2: Look, my car is fine, and we're blocking traffic here, so if you want my insurance information, let me know, cuz I gotta go.
OW: Yeah, me too.

Not a dramatic end to that conversation, but "Why did you stop?"?!?!? That means if she had been the front vehicle, she would have rolled right through the red light and thought nothing of it. See - I cannot make up this stuff ... it is everywhere! Just multiply this by 100,000 drivers on the DC-area roads at rush hour, and you'll understand the seriousness of the situation. BR#2 was thankful she does not have to commute in this stuff every day. Me? I just get a massage every 10 days or so, and I live through it.


Anonymous said...

I think my neck hurts. I should have gotten her insurance info.


Lisa Page said...

LMAO! Giggle-giggle! LMAO again! Just catching up on blogs and came across this.

You and I----we have the same rants----we do.