Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taking Responsibility, Revisted

I think I need to stop reading this stuff. How many more times are we going to be asked to help bail out someone who failed to be responsible for themselves?!

Read on (the bold part is my doing):

Schwarzenegger Seeks Federal Disaster Declaration
November 19, 2008

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is asking the Bush administration to declare Southern California a federal disaster site after fires tore through wide swaths of the region.

According to a letter the governor sent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the state needs help cleaning up after wildfires destroyed more than 800 homes and burned more than 40,000 acres over the weekend.

Schwarzenegger says California needs help cleaning up debris and protecting burned properties from potential flooding.

The governor also requested disaster loans for the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara and San Bernardino. He says many of the residents affected by the fires -- particularly mobile home owners -- lacked insurance or are seriously underinsured.


I'm sorry. I do feel for the displaced people, but if you do not bother to figure out a way to insure your own property, and to the correct amount of its worth, why is this my problem? Can I drop my homeowners insurance and get rebuilt because I am uninsured? Can I fail to adjust my coverage up when the value of my home increases and get someone else to pay the difference? Puleeze! I am sick to death of being expected to bail out people who do not help themselves.


Britiney said...

I could not agree MORE! I'm telling you right now that if the government bails out the big 3 auto makers my head is going to explode!! My husband read me a statistic last week that Toyota has something like 1700 dealerships nationwide. Do you know how many GM has? 7500!! SEVENTY-FIVE HUNDRED!!! Really. Is it that hard to figure out why they're failing!!?? I heard someone in congress say to them on the news last night - "We don't want to use our last tourniquet on a dead man." My sentiments EXACTLY!!!

Jan Scholl said...

My comment is about the insurance. Here in Michigan it's required that you have insurance to get a home loan of anykind. if you let it lapse, the loan holder will buy it for you at a much larger expense to you. I pay about 500 a year for car and home insurance-a pretty darned good deal as its half of what it was just 10 years ago but I am insuring more property. renters insruance is about 200 a year to cover over 100 grand of belongings. stupid not to have it.

as for the auto business-anyone who relies on the television for their news being fact is setting themselves up for so much misinformation. If money were flowing from the banks to make car loans, the industry and economies of the US and world wide would start to recover. I ordered a new car and even with a 870 credit rating, I cannot get a loan. a year ago they were banging on my door and phone and mailbox begging me to buy something every day. There is no money by the banks to loan to anyone-so where is the BAILOUT money for the banks at? The money to the auto companies is not a bailout-its a loan. we are stuck on one word in this country that replaced another of change.

btw-dealers are independant businesses both for GM and Toyota and all car manufactures. They buy cars from the auto companies and sell them-like Target or WalMart buys toys from Hasbro or Mattel. They don't have any ties to the car companies such as dependant income and many in fact sell multiple brands depending on the area and laws of the states.