Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They Cannot Be Bothered (aka: Customer Service, Where Art Thou?)

I was having a really great day; well, except for the fact that most of it was spent at the Day Job, but other than that, things were just going my way, and I was into the Happy Dance phase of the evening...just feelin' good about life, ya know?

The last happy moment I had was when I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things, and I spied a FedEx store in the same plaza. I had a FedEx box to return (stored in the car, just in case...), so I did my final "yippee" and headed across the parking lot with my box under my arm, and went in. At that point things started to go terribly, horribly, downhill.

First, I stood at the counter for at least 5 minutes, with no employee in sight. Finally a young woman came out of the rest room in the back and sauntered up to the counter. All right, I'll give her that - the only one on staff, and ya gotta make a potty stop...it happens! Okay. But then, without so much as a "sorry to keep you waiting", she looked past me with that look like she was doing me a favor by helping me and asked if she could help me. Not even looking at me, mind you, but past me.

I explained that I needed to send the box back to the sender using the sender's FedEx number, and asked her if I could do that here. The address I had scribbled from the mailing label was in the following format:

Company Name
PO Box xxx
123 Street Name
City, State 12345

and I pointed out that I had copied it directly from the mailing label (and I pointed to the label), which I had not taken off the box or covered up yet, as I was not familiar with their process for labels.

She proceeded to tell me she cannot send to a PO Box. Well, that really did not answer my question, so I asked if I could send the box to the street address, which was also listed, using the recipient's FedEx account number. She then decided to look at me, though it was in total frustration, complete with rolling eyes, and she told me I did not let her finish. Finish what?

She asked if this was the correct address, as it had both a PO Box and a street address. Uh, yes, and I pointed to the original shipping label again. She then tossed me a form to fill in, turned her back on me and went to help someone else.

I filled in the form, looked up, and lo and behold - I saw employee #2! Hmmm ... unattended front counter for at least 5 minutes with no one checking on the new customer. Duly noted. (Heck - McDonald's employees promise to serve you within 90 seconds, don't they?)

So employee #2 offerred to help me with the package. But she was in slow motion, and also gave me the sense that she was doing me a favor, complete with heavy sighing, cracking gum, the whole works. What's up with that, anyway? Is it the new rage? There is a woman at our Credit Union with the same, exact attitude and gum, and I just stay way from there. Great way to lose customers....

So anyway, after about another 5 minutes, during which time she did a lot of looking at the form and a little keying into the register/machine thingy, I asked her if the form I had filled in contained a label, because if it did not, then I'd be glad to fill one in while I waited (hint, hint). Nope, it had a mailing label...good! Glad I asked.

Then she went to put the label on the box, taking great pains to not cover up the original label. I had to stop her and point out the original label, and maybe she wanted to cover it up with the new one? She sighed heavily and did just that.

Gracious! What a total pain in the behind! I decided then and there what my problem is: I cannot go out in public any more. Nope, can't do it. My expectations of common courtesy are apparently way too high for today's society, and I figure the best way for me to not blow a gasket is to just avoid these people altogether. There is almost nothing I cannot do over the Internet, and for everything else, I'll do it in the early mornings when these helpless, lazy people are undoubtedly still in bed.

It's funny, though. I actually blame the Internet for most of today's social ills. We have several generations of people who have cyber-friends, who text their pals or call them on cell phones 24/7, and never actually deal with anyone face-to-face. They are totally into themselves and what they want, and I am just an old b1tch they can point to and laugh.

So I'll continue to do my grocery shopping in the early mornings. I'll shop for office supplies and ink cartridge replacements online. I already shop for most of my clothing online, if I shop for it at all. I get most of my crafting stuff online, except for trips to the LSS, where they know my name and trip over each other to help their customers. If you have a question about a product, they will do their best to help you. If they do not have something, they will order it for you, and call you when it comes in. Gee, I guess I am spoiled, huh?

I am just sick to death of giving my business to companies who hire people that cannot be bothered with helping me, their customer. Too bad, too; that FedEx store could have been convenient for me...

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Jan Scholl said...

Similar thing at the local PO. Told them I would never mail another package that electronic gift certificates are a hell of a better thing. BTW-I buy a lot of food in bulk (other than Costco-which isn't very vegetarian friendly at times) so I order from Amazon. Flours, spices, canned stuff. anything that doesn't spoil fast-soy milk etc. Great deals too.