Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Don't People LISTEN?!

I had a doctor appointment today, and part of the routine is the ole weigh-in and blood pressure station. Two nurses. Here's how the conversation went:

Nurse 1: Does she need blood work?
Nurse 2: No.
-Blood Pressure Cuff applied here, and it pumps for a long while. -
Me: I cannot feel my hand. Could we take a break? Why is it running so long, anyway?
Nurse 2: Your pressure must be really high.
Me: No way. I have always had a very, very low blood pressure. Maybe it is so low it cannot be read?
-Cuff reapplied and fired up again...pumps for a while. -
Nurse 2: It's not registering your pressure. Must be too high. Let's forget it.
Me: No, it's low...
Nurse 1: Does she need blood work?

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